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Stock control

Effective stock control ensures efficient production. Steggink Metaal manages the stock on behalf of a number of its customers so that they no longer need to keep track of stock, can determine at a glance what products Steggink Metaal has in stock and can receive items delivered with corresponding documentation (e.g. dispatch lists and specifications).

Our advanced GPMS stock automation system allows us to supply your product promptly.

Stock control handled by Steggink Metaal offers a range of benefits:

  • goods are stored securely in a dust-free environment
  • customer access to digital stock control overviews
  • stock and purchasing are linked so that products are ordered and delivered in good time
  • for annual contracts, delivered products and delivery dates are kept precisely up-to-date
  • products are supplied in keeping with corporate identity along with corresponding documentation (dispatch lists and product information)
  • short supply periods
  • efficient production
  • ergonomic and environmentally-friendly working method

The purchase of a new platform lift has facilitated the production process at all levels. This lift is 10 m high, converting a mere 7.8 m² of floor surface area into 142 m² of storage capacity.