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Learning Company

Steggink Metaal is a recognised training company. Young people must be given every opportunity to develop and, with training/work experience, they will know how a company works from a young age. We provide a host of development opportunities so that trainees can be employed by Steggink Metaal at the end of their regular schooling.


The Oranjeteam from Steggink Metaal is a team of talented youngsters. It consists of learners from VMBO (Lower Secondary Professional Education) class 4. On Saturdays and during school holidays, these young people work at our company to earn extra money and gain practical experience. They are given the opportunity to receive training employment contracts and, at a later stage, to progress towards permanent employment.

Maiko Rademaker, Manager and qualified practical coach
I find it challenging to inspire these young people towards putting their best foot forward. It’s great to see them develop. They start off as complete novices and are transformed into fully-fledged employees by the end of the training period. This makes our investment in supervision and coaching worth its weight in gold. At the end of the day, these young people hold our future in their hands.”

If you are interested in working at Steggink Metaal, please contact us so that we can discuss the options available to you.